Why I think Obama will win

Barack Obama and John McCain

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I know talking about politics is not considered a good idea for business people, but I want to show you how the election and business are tied.

I think Obama will win the election because of his positive campaign he has run.  Very smoothly.  McCain has been less than ideal.  I received an email from a friend yesterday with a link which I clicked on.  The blog post that it linked to was very lengthy about how Obama is a socialist, dictator worse than Hitler that will enslave all Americans.  Then last night Jay Leno on the Tonight Show mentioned that he thinks people are sick and tired of the negative campaigning.  How many hateful items have you heard about related to the Republicans trying to smear Obama.

McCain has been unable to get his own party to play nice.  He has voted with what the Republican strongholds have wanted and it could cost him the election.

But you’re not going to be successful in business or life if you go around telling your family, friend and business associates why your competitor is Satan.  Even if you don’t but someone in your company or campaign does this, it reflects on you.  Scaring people doesn’t work for very long and working less and less.  With the lengthy campaign people are wising up to the negative campaigning.

Sticking to the issues works.  Like McCain mentioning not raising taxes while in a recession or Obama stating that McCain votes with Bush 90% of the time.  That’s fine.  But comparing Obama to Hitler or that he is going to sell out all Americans to terrorists is so over the top that rational people are going to not listen to anything they say.

Tell your potential clients why you think you are better than your competition but don’t be mean.  It’ll just back fire on you.

I talked to a potential client this morning that has a nice website that was done by a friend of mine.  I simply told her what we do and how we believe we do it better.  I’m not here to cause conflict.  She can make the decision of how she wants to move forward.

I had an old webmaster for a client a few months ago accuse me of stealing their website shortly after I got the client.  I was accused of various things for weeks on end.  I didn’t participate in the argument.  I simply responded to the client with the facts that I couldn’t find any evidence of it and would change it if I could and apologize.  I got no response from the accuser.  Just more threats.  I’ve gotten many more clients since then and the accuser continues to have no business.

Losing bitterly will ruin your career.  Play nice and agressively, but especially nice.  If you lose, move on to the next opportunity, but don’t spread hate the law of attraction will bring more hatred to you.

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