What’s Your New Plan B?

I read this story a few months ago.

Business was going really well, innocent had been going about a year and a half, but then our bottle supplier called us up and said ‘You know you ordered a 100,000 bottles a week? We can only give you 20,000 for the next few weeks.’ We don’t stockpile because everything is produced fresh. We asked what they meant and they said ‘We’ve got a big customer who wants clear bottles now.’ We protested by reminding them that we’d been working with them for ages and we’d given them our forecasts but their reply was: ‘Sorry, the machine’s full you can’t have it.

It’s from Richard Branson’s Blog

And it got me thinking. What is my Plan B?

Is being in a few niches my Plan B? Is diversifying into Real Estate again a good Plan B?

I came up with a long list of Plan B’s. Made me feel good really. Made me feel even better when I realized that some of those are really Plan A’s. I have many Plan A’s working at the same time.

Plan A’s are always better than Plan B’s and you want many of each. Diversify and grow rich.

What’s your plan A & B’s?