Virgin Galactic Reveal The Design of SS2/WK2

By 2008-02-22 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Richard Branson Virgin GalaticAre you interested in going to outer space? Richard Branson reveals the design of the mother and space ships.

The audience heard how around 80 of Virgin Galactic’s Founder customers had joined us on a series of G-Force training days at the NASTAR centrifuge facility in Philadelphia and how in those two days, each of them experienced something normally the sole preserve of fast jet pilots and astronauts. He explained how 50 of our specially-appointed Accredited Space Travel Agents had also successfully completed this training and that NASTAR will shortly be opening the experience to the general public. The Centrifuge Training film showed Richard, his son Sam and many of our customers demonstrating the excitement felt when experiencing G forces and allowed the audience to share their exhilaration. Stephen noted that Virgin Galactic achieved a 93% success rate with these activities, which was 10-15% higher than our original business plan projections.

Our youngest centrifuge rider was Sam Branson at 22, and our oldest was Professor James Lovelock at 88 – as far as we know, the youngest and the oldest individuals to have sustained high G’s’.

Overall, we proved conclusively that ordinary people can go to space and that, actually, almost all of us have the right stuff’.