Social Networks Spread Defiance Online

Democracy has come to the people.

Right now there is a start of a revolution in Iran.  People are protesting the election process and Twitter is in the middle of it.

Instead of us relying on The Media telling us what is happening.  We are telling our selves what is going on.  And the Powers are scared.  Their days of simply telling The Media what is going on are slipping through their fingers.  Social Media driven by people directly is taking over.

The hag tag #IranElection is being used over and over within and outside of Iran on Twitter.

Here is a quote from The New York Times.

A couple of Twitter feeds have become virtual media offices for the supporters of the leading opposition candidate, Mir Hussein Moussavi. One feed, mousavi1388 (1388 is the year in the Persian calendar), is filled with news of protests and exhortations to keep up the fight, in Persian and in English.

Global Internet Freedom Consortium and other private proxy service providers are helping people within Iran to get by the government Internet blocks.

Watch this video from CNN on how people are avoiding Iran’s web block.

Thanks go to The New York Times and CNN for their coverage of Iran.  CNN was slow but is covering this important story.

Social Networks Spread Defiance Online –

After seeing this image what you can do with your business on Twitter.