You’re always selling

I got an email from a friend yesterday about the new business she’s in where you “don’t have to sell anything”.

Makes for great sales copy. But, it’s so untrue.

You are always selling. When you are interviewing with a potential employer, you’re selling yourself. When you asking someone out on a date your selling yourself. If you’re married or in a committed relationship you should still be selling yourself or you’ll find yourself alone. And if you have your own business you are selling constantly. Everything you do is selling.

The people that make more money sell. They are good at selling. The people bad at selling are broke. I like having money so I focus on selling. Pretty easy decision.

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So why do some people think that selling is bad?

They are uncomfortable with what they are offering is the usual excuse. Most people like this are uncomfortable with themselves as well. They don’t like being told no. They are uncomfortable with rejection.

Just remember most people are going to say no. But there are a lot of people in the world. You can’t count on anybody but yourself.