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By 2008-09-24 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Business Stripped BareRichard Branson now has an official website and blog. Just in time to promote his new book "Business Stripped Bare".

Whether you are starting out in business or running the biggest multinational in the universe, there are some common themes that can be applied. There is a plethora of business books out there on the shelves. I see them in the airports and some look rather tedious and dreary. To be perfectly honest, I seldom read any of them. Life is too short to read tomes written by passive observers. Business is about taking action.

I’ve stripped Virgin’s businesses bare. Rather than banging on about how successful they are, I’ve written about what my companies are actually about. What were our intentions? How well, or how badly, did we realise our early hopes? I’ve gone through my notebooks and diaries, hunting for common themes and ideas, and I’ve divided what I’ve found into seven sections. I’ll be looking at:

  • People

  • The brand

  • Why delivery is vital

  • What we learn from our mistakes and setbacks

  • Innovation as a driver for business

  • The value of entrepreneurship and leadership

  • The wider responsibility of business

I just ordered the book.  Looking forward to it.

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