Recession got you down?

By 2008-09-22 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

I don’t watch the news ever.  However, I do have friends that do.  So, if something major happens I hear about it.  And all my friends are talking about the recession and some are using the words crash and depression.

They are worried about losing their job or their business crashing and having to work at Starbucks.  Sorry to say the nearby Starbucks may go out of business before they will have a chance.

Yet my business is booming.  Why?

Donald Trump was recently quoted as saying that right now is an excellent time to make money if you know what you are doing.  I know a great many real estate investors that during the high times thought they were unbelievable business people and right now they are broke.  When the economy is doing well it’s easy to make money.  When the economy is down it is still easy however you have to have the right skills.  Like not spending more than you make.  Pretty easy but in an up economy many people don’t do this.  I know hard to believe but very very common.

So my business is booming because I provide excellent customer service for my webdesign and hosting clients.  So many of my competitors are absolutely horrible at this.  The stories I hear every week are almost unreal but true.

I have provide materials for people to bring an idea from their heart to reality via Prosperity Games, websites and coaching.  I strive to be the best, period.

What are you the best at?  How can you differentiate yourself from everyone else?  You’ll get thru this recession by not believing that there is a recession for you.  Other people may think there is a recession and suffer because of it and then there will be you that thinks this is an excellent time to grow.  The choice is yours.