Online Business Networking

By 2005-10-21 April 14th, 2018 Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Whole Enchilada

I’m currently taking an online class “Exploring the World of Online Business Networking” from a Soni Pitts. Whom I met thru Coachville. Where I’m learning how to apply coaching to our business.

There are many online social networks. With many flavors. There are networks of social, special interests, online business networking, and hybrids. You can take Soni’s class to find out about all of them, but I just want to cover online business networking.

Of course if you find a social network that applies to your business then joining that network would be advantageous. For instance if you are a pet grommer then joining a pet social network could be good for your business.

Make sure you learn how to use an online social network before investing too much time in to it. Taking Soni course will help a great deal and save you a lot of time.