Back from two months holiday

IMG_1271I’m back from a two month holiday.

I had a fantastic time in London, Manchester, surrounding England, Edinburgh and a lot of Scotland and of course Paris which I love.

I look thousands of photos. The sights renewed my interest in photography. I have a degree in it along with my business degree and all the art and landscapes inspired me to upload my collection up on Flickr. So I’ve been uploading past photos from my other trips. My favorites (which I’m still adding to) is the best place to start.

I learned a lot from being away from two months. The trip went very well and I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for going away for so long.

Scotland was fantastic and I will never forget it. It was like coming home to me. I’m part Scottish and after many generations I’m the first to go back.

I was really enjoying myself. The trip was fantastic until we got to Paris and then it just wowed me. I loved Paris much more than London. Paris is so artistic and fun. My girlfriend Nancy and I just couldn’t get enough of Paris.

IMG_2590I’m going to write some articles about our trip. About how to run business while away for so long and how you can do it too. It’s not hard. I found it easy.

So I’m starting back to a more part-time work schedule than I’ve had in two months. And I’m excited about sharing my photos and future articles and books that I come up with on my trip. I created an idea for a book on this trip that I believe many of you will enjoy.

One tip, lots of luggage is OK. That is why they invented bell boys, even though the name is a bit demeaning. They sure are helpful with eight pieces of luggage.