Do we want money or happiness?

Why do we seek wealth? Everyone does, even if they claim they don’t. Wealth means comfort, happiness, no worries, and everyone wants that. The secret is, we do not actually have to seek wealth, though. We have to Be wealth. It is not necessary to chase after money or success, in fact it can repel it! Instead, focusing our energy on who we are and how we feel, empowers us and we then attract an abundance of wealth.

Money, in and of itself, is not worth seeking anyway. We all need money to live in this world, and more money does create ease and comfort. But it is not the money itself we seek, it is what money can do, buy, create and therefore fulfill for us. Switching our focus from money to what it is we really desire, opens up new doors of possibility for us. If you peel off the layers and begin to see that underneath all the pain, anger and worry over money, what you truly want is happiness, peace of mind, love, a feeling of significance…. then you can start to look to satisfy those feelings from more places.

Have you ever heard someone say “but money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money”? It is interesting to me that the people who say those things make the assumption that anyone actively focused on wealth, only wants the money. What good is money just to have money? As if the money itself had any value! The money itself has no meaning, no value in and of itself. We are the ones that give money it’s meaning and wrap it up in emotion. But I don’t believe anyone is seeking money for money. Every one has needs and desires and they are driven by what’s underneath…the joy and happiness they will feel when they get what they want. Having a passion about what you love and what meets your need for purpose, love and happiness is what fuels your focus towards wealth.

No one actually seeks wealth just to be wealthy, just to ‘show off’. Anyone who thinks it is bad to actively seek wealth has their own issues with money. I have not met one single person who does not have some issues over money and wealth. The most common are fear of failure and fear of success, fear of loss and fear of being greedy or bad. Money does not mean any of these things, unless you decide to choose that meaning for it. It is unfortunate that so much anger and pain is created over the emotional meanings we give money. Money is a tool, to enhance your life. Since it is the system we use in most all societies on earth, wouldn’t it be better to make friends with money? Choose positive and empowering meanings and feelings about wealth? You can’t escape needing it, so make it your ally, your inspiration. It’s a big step towards joy and inner peace!

Everyone may be different, but everyone wants to have a peaceful, easy, effortless relationship with money. Everyone wants to be happy. There is an inner knowing that tells you more money flowing to you easily and without suffering or sacrificing is a good thing and will enrich your life. Knowing you have money coming to you and you can relax and trust, gives you the energy and focus to concentrate on doing what you love, being with loved ones and creating new and wonderful ideas, inventions and more.   Focus on the feelings you will have when you have ease and consistency with money.  These feelings are what you seek and will give you inner power. Focus on what you want, instead of the money. What you want might show up from somewhere without the need for the money. Or the money will show up form somewhere unexpected. Be open, believe you deserve it and watch with expectancy for ti to show up!

Do you want a big house? Money will get you that. Want to give to a church or charity, you need money for that. Do you want to start a business? Money will get you that too! Want to build a healing center?… money will get you that too.  If you want to go on a trip, adopt a baby, have a big wedding, get a new couch, go back to school, give to a charity, get a massage every week, hire help in our business, hire a cleaning service, help your kids and friends out, rescue animals, buy a new body….Money can help.

These are the things we want… and money is vital to getting them. But realize this, these things are the surface appearance of life. They are wonderful and we all deserve to have them. But the true motivator is how we will FEEL when we get them, give them, experience them.

No one wants money for money, it’s pointless. People are driven by their needs, for feeling good, for having a purpose.

So, now you can let go of the guilt. You can let go feeling not good enough. You can let go of any negative thought you had about wanting to create wealth, cashflow and prosperity for yourself. Because now you know that you aren’t a greedy money monger who doesn’t know what is really important in life (as many people may say or think). You are a typical human, meeting your needs to feel love, joy and significance. You do know what is most important. You seek the reason for living… joy, peace, happiness, connection, love, health, sharing, giving, being your best. That is alignment. That is inner power. That will attract wealth to you. So focus on being the person you feel you will be when you have the happiness you seek, and all you need will arrive at your door in a gift box for you! Money has many surprises waiting for you!
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