Mastering with A players

By 2011-12-08 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

I had a great mastermind weekend. My main business won an affiliate contest. Instead of winning an iPad or brownies (it’s happened! They were good) We won an entire weekend hanging out with other winners and just masterminding.

Nothing was sold. Just a bunch of A players who are doing big business.

It was amazing.

The JV partner was Margaret M. Lynch. She spoke on how to step up be the charismatic leader.

Since it was a mastermind I can’t write about what people discussed. Too bad, because it was awesome.

I was surprised by a few people and how big their businesses were. We’re talking big big names. One shocked me, couldn’t believe I was in the same room as her.

Everyone has challenges in their business. Large or small. Now with a large platform you can make little changes that produce big results quickly. Great opportunity.

But, that is also true of small businesses. One tweak and just like that you can produce a five figure month.

Being in a room of people that are all full-time and focused on their business, we’re nobody is selling the latest technique to newbies was great.

It was simply this works, do this. An overall strategy. Not single isolated techniques.