Internet Marketing is Professional Wrestling

Internet Marketers remind me of Professional Wrestlers.

It’s faked.

Internet Marketers fake their marketing. It’s scripted out just like Professional Wrestling is scripted out.

They both plan their schedule and they both plan in surprises that don’t look scripted.

Now I’m not saying this is necessarily bad. I do it. All the professional Internet Marketers that I’ve talked to do it. People that deny doing it are doing it.

I script out my marketing calendar. Internet Marketers plan their entire pre-launch, launch and end. It’s scripted out and timed to take advantage of people’s tendencies.

It’s up to you to feel how much is scripted. Do you make an intentional mistake and then the next day send an email saying your extending your offer because of the mistake? You’ll have to decide whether you’re comfortable with those type of calls. I can’t do it because I believe it’s unethical and misleading. If I really made a mistake then yes you bet I’ll send that email. But faking it (I believe) will be be seen. People will know you’re faking it. A lot of people know that Professional Wrestling is faked, some of their biggest fans know it and they still enjoy it. But, it’s entertainment. Internet Marketing isn’t entertainment so if you fake it you’ll be seen. You might not be seen by newbies who don’t know any better but you’ll be seen by your peers.

Having a discount the first week, limited quantity, etc. these are legitimate scripting elements. So legitimate that we should be saying business model.

Why don’t Internet Marketers talk about this?

Well, they do. There are courses on it. It’s just not called scripting and it sure isn’t compared to Professional Wrestling.