Innovation – it’s got to be real

By 2008-12-08 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

This is a really good point.

The idea never saw the light of day and I gave up on it. In the end the senior directors moved on and so the whole idea was rather worthlessly lost. Then a few weeks ago I was watching telly when I saw an advert for a similar product, which has been launched this year. I spent a couple of days fuming that another company had ’stolen’ my idea and then I realised – innovation isn’t dreaming up the ideas, innovation is having the drive to make them a reality. You can’t patent something that’s just an idea and so until you get it to market, it’s fair game.

There are tons of ideas but how many actually do anything with them.  That is the key.  Innovation doesn’t exist without implementation.

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