Including the audience in your talk

I had the privilege to speak at Eric Louievre MemberSnap seminar this last weekend. I talked about Blog Marketing and then played a Prosperity Game with the audience.

I streamed live video the whole time at You may have noticed it as I twittered about it. I then did a quick video with the audience included.

Saying hi from speaking engagement on

Blogging is a form of social media and has been around for a long time. Twitter is just microblogging and commenting. It’s simple and short and that is why it is popular. By showing the audience and involving them in the creation of the videos they could easily see how real easy this is to do.

Here is part of the audience.  There were over 50 people in attendance.

I then facilated playing a Prosperity Game and the feedback on that was wonderful.  I have some testimonials which I’ll share later this week.

Then at the end the audience thanks me on video.

End of my Speaking Engagement on

Later I was on the Q&A panel.

Chris Sherrod & Eric Louviere

Thanks Eric for allowing me to share the stage.  I had a blast.

Chris Sherrod & Eric Louviere

If you would like to have me speak at your function let me know.  Or if you know any opportunities also give me a shout out.  I love inspiring people to get started in business.