Fake leaders, fraud and being legitimate

I’ve seen a lot of posts calling out fake gurus lately.

Promising 10,000 fans in 48 hours or $1/leads.

Or take a guy’s course and you’ll be a social media guru overnight.

And it’s completely fake.

But to a newbie, it doesn’t sound fake.

In fact, it sounds awesome.

But that is because you can’t see that their Facebook ad campaign targeted worldwide
without any specific interests. Add a cute puppy picture of the cutest puppy ever and
that gained them 10,000 fans in 48 hours.

Too bad the page isn’t about puppies but some boring local business and now they have
10,000 fake fans who could care less about you.

And then you realize that Facebook wants many thousands of dollars to show any post
to your fan page fake audience.

I’ve made more money than some people with huge social media following.

They get on stage and everyone worships them and I live in the Caribbean and launch
actual marketing and am much less popular.

I use this email to educate on what I’m actually seeing working.

Because I’m just interested in results. I don’t have an ego about it. Just results.

I’ve tested many things and I only talk in my emails about what actually worked for me.

I try to keep it upbeat.

Podcasting worked for a client of mine. I wrote up a marketing sequence that has made
her the best income this last month that she has had in years. She’s also a great phone
closer which helps a lot.

That’s why I’m encouraging people to get involved in podcasting. It works if done right.

Will you be as popular as Kanye West.

Well no.

Will you be known in your niche?

Yes, yes you will.

Don’t be concerned about how many fans you have but on how you are educating
people about your niche, being a true leader and not a fake leader, getting respect
for teaching the truth and helping people.

I’ve been blacklisted because I told someone how they were doing things was fraud.
They got me kicked out of a mastermind. The leader wouldn’t even talk to me so I could
defend myself.

I didn’t have a choice because the fraud was so great it was criminal and I didn’t want
to be involved in it.

I gave them the chance to make it right. They choose poorly. Their entire coaching
business is built on fraud.

And they know it and are super protective of keeping that a secret.

That’s their real secret to being successful.

But it’s fraud.

So when I say this I have personal experience.

It wasn’t fun being blacklisted.

But, I focused on doing legitimate business.

And I only recommend things I’ve personally seen work.

Thank you for reading.

I want you to be successful and I hope this type of email helps you.

You can be successful and do it ethically and legally.