Emotional Freedom with Money

My partner Nan blogged about me yesterday. We were doing an EFT session on me regarding money and while we were doing it an email came in about a potential business deal that I would love. Wow it worked really really fast.

I have used EFT with clients and have had so many requests for help with Money issues that I am creating a Money EFT product that will include a video on how to use it, a manual with photos of all the positions and scripts for releasing issues most people have around money. I am developing this product with my beloved and partner, the prosperity guy, Chris Sherrod (who, BTW, makes the most amazing websites and helps you market them). We are always working on ourselves, moving forward on our spiritual and personal paths, empowering ourselves, clearing old patterns that we realize keep us from our full potential. We are always expanding our minds, opening our hearts and raising our vibrations. To me, that is my primary purpose, everyones really, moving forward within yourself has more power to change the world than any politics, protests or wars!

Look out for this product by the end of the month. It is really good.

Emotional Freedom with Money | Create Your Own Reality Now