Do you have a plan?

So many people get online with one product, usually an ebook.  And they stop at that.  Having one product is a sure fire way of failing online.

You will not be successful with one product.  You need an entire marketing funnel of multiple products.  It’s your product/service line that will make you successful.

I highly recommend you sketch out your business plan.  Simple one page will do.  Just show the marketing flow of a typical customer.  What is your low end product, upsells, higher priced items and monthly program?

I will be opening up my monthly program to everyone in the future.  Right now it is only for webmaster clients.  I have several upsells and a couple of low end products.  And I am constantly adding items.  Some of which non-webmaster clients don’t see.

So look at your marketing funnel and fill it out.  If your first product doesn’t do well, move on the the next one.  But fill out your marketing funnel as quickly as you can.  Your success will be determined by your marketing funnel.  If you don’t have one you will fail.  Plain and simple.

Need some help in figuring out your marketing funnel then check out my coaching and consulting.  You only lose when you quit.  Don’t quit.