Coming Home To Scotland

I recently visited Scotland and it was very emotional for me.

I’m part Scottish. I like going to Highland Games and I wear a Scottish flag pin on my suit jacket.

Scotland Welcomes YouI felt an undefined emotion build up in me before entering Scotland. I was driving north and my emotions were building up and then I saw the sign “Scotland Welcomes You” and it just hit me. I starting crying. I have wanted to visit Scotland for many many years and I was finally here. My girlfriend Nancy started crying because she knows how special this was for me. And our friend Natasha who lives in Manchester England starts crying because she also knows that going to Scotland is like returning home for me.

I felt like I was returning to my home land without ever thinking it was going to happen and then very quickly it happens. I manifested this trip very quickly and it was amazing. It all stemmed from our friends in England wanted to go to Scotland to see Mother Meera. This matched with me wanting to visit Scotland so up we go. Mark another friend in Manchester really loves to visit her when she is near so me, Nancy, Natasha, Mark, Thelma, and Peryl went to Edinburgh.

IMG_1528Before darshan with Mother Meera we visited Rossyln Chapel made famous in the Da Vinci Code book and movie. This place is amazing. The detail is almost unreal. Check out the photos I took. Just amazing detail.

After darshan with Mother Mera our friends left for Manchester and Nancy and I went around the rest of Scotland. What an amazing country. For one they issue their own currency in pounds. They take care of their own internal affairs and leave the UK to handle all outside affairs. Scotland is very independent. Reminds me of myself. And the own lots of dogs. I saw dogs everywhere. In the city and in the country. It seems everyone owns at least one dog. Many several. Very dog friendly place to stay.

IMG_1692Then we stayed in a hotel in downtown Edinburgh with an amazing view of the Edinburgh Castle. The next day we visited Edinburgh Castle and then bought lots of gifts for family and friends. It’s interesting that when we told family and friends that we were going to London people said have fun, but when we said we were going to Scotland I got emails for requests of all sorts of Scottish things. Tartans, pennants, scarfs with their family tartan, you name it.

Borthwich CastleThen we drove to our next place for the night at the Borthwick Castle just outside Edinburgh. And it is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend people stay here. And here is why.

You stay in an actual castle. The place is amazing. We stayed in the “Mary Queen of Scots” room. We had to climb spiral staircase to get to it. Before dinner we came down for drinks and it was just Nancy and I. We were then told that the other guest would not be dining with us because they were picking up guests for a birthday party the next day. So we had the whole castle to ourselves. The service was amazing. The food delightful. And the castle was enchanting. Staying in an actual castle is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Having the place all to ourselves normally costs £5,000 GPD which is over $10,000 USD. We throughly enjoyed our private time at the castle.

Kildrummy Castle and HotelThe next two places in Scotland were Castle Hotels. One was a Victorian style huge house looking over some castle ruins. The next a Victorian house with a castle nearby. This place is very nice also. Glengarry Castle Hotel south of Inverness is very affordable and nice. It is on a loch or lake which is south of Loch Ness. The rooms are very good. The view of the loch is fantastic and the service is very good. This is my second favorite place to stay in Scotland.

Glengarry Castle HotelWe made a couple of day trips from Glengarry Castle Hotel. One to Findhorn and another to Loch Ness. Nancy read a book about Findhorn years ago and wanted to visit and interview them. Findhorn is a unique spiritual ecofriendly village. Made famous for growing large vegatables in the north of Scotland many years ago. Why it is right next to an airforce base I have no idea. Getting flown over several times an hour is annoying. But besides that I enjoyed the tour and the feeling of the people and place.

We then went back to Edinburgh for one more night. And then drove from Edinburgh to London in one day. In fact, stayed for dinner in Manchester with all of our friends. We stayed a week in London for free. Yes free. I’ll let you know how we did it in a future ebook. You too can do it.

See all my photos of my trip to wonderful Scotland.