Catching up with the real world

Today is a down day for me. For the last week Nancy and I have been visiting the sights and sounds of Paris France. We’ve been having a lovely time.

But sometime you need a day off. For me at least one day a week, even when on holiday or vacation. This holiday has been going on for over a month and we have another two weeks to go. But you still need breaks. And today is it. It’s raining in Paris and we have many fun items to do tomorrow and the rest of the week.

So, I’m catching up with what my friends are doing. I pull out my favorite news reader Google Reader and find that my mastermind buddy Bruce Burns is writing about. I find Bruce’s tips on negotiating to be priceless. He has a wonderful negotiating checklist free on his website. Well worth checking out.

So Bruce is talking about being at a recent Joe Vitale book signing and meeting Joe and Dr. Len. Bruce has a personal story (along with Suzanne and myself) in the Joe and Dr. Len’s recent book “Zero Limits” you see. Bruce got to meet Dr. Len again and they discussed Bruce’s lovely wife Suzanne’s Eraser Cleaning Wand which was inspired by the Ho’oponopono process which is discussed in the Zero Limits book. I got to see the prototypes of these first hand. They are truly wonderful hand made pieces of art or d’art as they say here in Paris.

It was nice to get caught up on what your buddies are doing. Nice to see people taking vacations and posting photos like I do. And nice to see business going on as usual. My “little” vacation of 1.75 months is also spurring on ideas in me. Taking notes for an upcoming book based on my “little” vacation. Also having some last items done on my next book.

IMG_1432What I really noticed is how the more unplugged I am the more I get done. I’m on an extended vacation and I have three products in various stages of completion and I’m seeing some of the most glorious scenes of my life. Plus I came up with an idea for a new book and I only would have come up with it by traveling which is my favorite technique for coming up with new ideas which I talk about in my last book Play Prosperity Games. Being unplugged from the real world is helpful. It give you so much time and doesn’t take up your brain. I’ve been practicing this art of being unplugged for many years but not to this degree. And I’m getting more done.

Well, my hour a week to catch up with the real world is over. My tools allow me to quickly find out what is important to me and it doesn’t include news. And I’m off to living life here in Paris.

Au revoir