Working from the road while visiting Chateau’s of valle de la Loire

In mid July while staying at our home exchange in Rennes France Nan and I went to see the Chateau’s of valle de la Loire in English the Chateau’s of Loire Valley.  Wine country and big fancy almost castle like homes.

My favorite was Chateau Chambord.  It has the biggest park of Europe surrounding it.  The Chateau is huge. Hundreds of rooms.  A really nice double helix spiral staircase where there are two different ways up and you can see the other stairs while climbing up.  Really cool.  Nan and I both walked up separately and watched each other on the other side.

It is famous for Chambord the liquor.  Found out that a great many things are named after the Chateau and have nothing to do with it.  Planes, cars, vacuum cleaners, food…you name it.

The drive to the valley took a bit longer than we thought and I didn’t bring my laptop since it was just a day trip.  We decided to stay the night at a Chateau.  I always bring my USB Flash drive just in case and that night after dinner I borrowed a computer and was able to check my email, make changes to a website, and twitter.  I did everything in about 5 minutes.  My USB Flash drive holds my web browser and my settings so I don’t have to remember anything.  Just plug and play.  If any major work needed doing my team would take over.

So when you are traveling decide even if you need to bring a computer.

I create a free website at with the software I use, where to get my USB Flash Drive if you don’t have one and some other travel tips.  Enjoy.