Work and play, keeping it in balance

By 2007-02-08 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada
[excerpt]Me in front of fishing boatI’m back from Corpus Cristi Texas USA. I had a wonderful time. After a late night at Nancy’s speaking engagement on real estate we slept in and then visited the spa and had a competitive game of air hockey and foosball. I managed to scrape off quite a bit of skin to win at air hockey but she beat me at foosball. We are competitive even with each other. I think it is good and she is an excellent competitor.[/excerpt]

Landry'sBy noon the fog I talked about earlier had finally lifted. We wanted to grab a lunch before heading to our next destination. We ate at Landry’s right on the water and we got to sit outside alone with a great view of downtown and the ocean. We both ordered the special orange roughy with citrus sauce. The fish was excellent. I highly recommend it. Yum.

Me in posing with Pelican

Before heading off to our next destination Nancy took a few photos of me.


A pelican flew in and posed with me. He wanted his picture on the Internet so I obliged. He even hung around for a closeup I took. Sorry I didn’t have any fish for you.

The life of an entreprenuer is great as both Nancy and I could easy go to Corpus Cristi in the middle of the week. Nancy gave a two hour talk on real estate and the rest of the time we can work and play. I worked on some final edits of my upcoming book Play Prosperity Games while Nancy finalized her presentation.