Why I’m leaving GoDaddy

I’ve been using Godaddy for I can’t remember how many years. I know the founder Bob Parson does some extreme marketing with half naked women, but I don’t watch Super Bowl ads and have never seen any of them so they didn’t offend me.

Today that changed. Bob went to Africa and shoots a video of him killing an elephant. He plays AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” during the video. It’s totally disgusting. Here’s the video.

That is for me. Bob killed his brand, killed his business for me. I don’t recommend GoDaddy for getting your domain name anymore. Their hosting has always sucked, but I’m going to move my domain names to NameCheap.com which has a screw GoDaddy special and 20% of the proceeds go to SaveTheElephants.com.

Come join me in stepping up for what is right and dump GoDaddy. Bob Parsons you went way to far. But since you state “you should never sweat what others think about you”, I doubt I will change your mind. But, I’m hoping the mass exit from GoDaddy helps you change your mind about what you did.