What Does It Take To Make Money Online?

This is the story of Jackie who focused on what she wanted with intention. Great story.

I threw out almost all of what I was doing. I decided to save two programs, and my coaching. I also streamlined my marketing. Instead of doing a little bit of everything I am now doing one thing, and putting all my attention, effort and focus on that one thing.

I decided all this on a Wednesday. Here’s what happened by the end of Sunday:

2 New coaching clients
3 New business partners
1 New person in my Gifting Program

and it still keeps coming! This is the most movement I have seen in ages.

Now when people ask me what it takes to make money online, I know just what to say: focus and consistent daily action. Pick one or two things you really love and focus on them. Then choose 1 or 2 ways to market that make you excited to get to the computer in the morning, and do THAT. That’s what it takes. It’s working for me, and I bet it would work for you.

What Does It Take To Make Money Online?