Twitter helpful for grievement?

I wrote on Monday about whether Twitter is good for business.  A couple of hours later the violent death of my Uncle really hit me.  Hit me hard.  I couldn’t think straight.  I was in sometype of time warp because what felt like five minutes was over an hour.  So I decided to take a break which came out to be the rest of the day.  I twittered about having difficulty with the death of my Uncle and then tried to go to the gym.  I couldn’t drive so I took a nap instead.  I listened to old scifi radio shows on my iPod, I did anything to get my mind off of my Uncle.

A few hours later I checked twitter and my life changed.  I had so many of my twitter follower sending me well wished that I just felt so much better.  People I only know on twitter where giving me emotional support.  It honestly helped me.

So adding on to my list of eight reasons I like Twitter, I’m adding another one.

Thank you to everyone on twitter.  You’re the best.