The Importance of Peer Role Models

I’ve received a lot of really good feedback lately.  It really makes my day, week and year.  Many people on Facebook have sent me very encouraging letters and this blog post about me from Sandy was especially touching.  Enjoy.  And thanks Sandy, you made my day.

I met Chris Sherrod, at the Millionaire Mind Intensive last year. Chris is a gracious person with a very dry wit and definitely has a Millionaire Mind. Chris balances several successful enterprises, and most of us know him as Chris, the Prosperity Guy and author of Prosperity Games.

When we posted the first version of the Millionaire Mind site online, Chris called and made the suggestion that rather than using hard coded HTML for the site, we might find that PHP and WordPress could provide a more flexible solution. Thus started a six-month self-taught journey through the wonders of PHP. Chris was indeed right and the site is more interactive and robust for his suggestion.

The next time I met Chris I was as a volunteer at a Millionaire Mind Evening. It was there he advised me on the benefits of a Master Mind Group and how to use the process to grow my business. I’ve described that meeting and the results in a previous Blogs My Millionaire Mind Business Strategies: Be Part of a Master Mind Group and The Inner Game of Wealth Mastermind Groups

Since our Millionaire Mind Intensive, Chris has successfully brought his Prosperity Game to the market, has expanded his Internet presence, and moved forward on all his other enterprises. I found myself studying Chris’ sites with the same intention as I studied Joe Vitale’s and Jack Canfield’s sites. I wanted to see how he structured his ads, and how he promoted his business entities.

A few weeks ago Chris invited me to sign up as a friend on his Face Book profile. I have never ventured into the social networking world because I thought’ I didn’t have the time learn the process. Chris’ FaceBook invitation kick-started my educational process. I actually posted a profile and I’m now learning the benefits of social marketing again by studying Chris and applying what I can to my own business.

I can’t claim more than a business acquaintanceship with Chris. We live in different cities and his mentorship has been a low touch high impact one. I have been blessed numerous Application Instant by listening to his advice when given, and by studying how he goes about his business.

The Importance of Peer Role Models – The Millionaire Mind Support Network