The Economics of Online Abundance

If you can read this article then you have all the tools you need to be abundant online.  The first item is freebies.  I provide free resources and these articles for free.  I”ve gotten a number of nice comments on Facebook that these free resources help them a lot.  If people like the free resources I have then they”ll like the books and future videos I sell.

Increasingly computers, data storage, and bandwidth are becoming a marginal cost in market economics. This is why businesses like Google, and Yahoo! are able to offer so many things for free on the internet. Prices use to be based on the cost and casino online scarcity of goods, but what do you do when there is an abundance of goods that cost practically nothing? This is where businesses are more and more giving away good stuff for free.It is getting harder to tell the different between a scam and a legitimate offer for free goods anymore. Chris Anderson’ WIRED article, Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business, provides a great overview of how businesses are able to make a profit in this new economy of abundance. Some of these free” economic models are not new, but they are greatly magnified in our current economy because of marginal costs of computing power, data storage, and bandwidth. Chris categorizes our new free” economy as follows:

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