Telling it like it is

Last night I was talking to a potential speaker on my How To Profit and Build Your List with Partners Without Spending A Dime telesummit coming next month.

He asked me if I was going to tell it like it is, or fluffy it up and make it seem better than reality.

I am going to talk straight. I’m going to have all the speakers talk straight on what actually works.

I’m even going to have some speakers talk about their failures and what they learned from them.

I believe if you know what works and what doesn’t work that it’ll be easier for you to be successful with partnerships.

So yeah we will at times talk about the partnerships deals that fell flat on their faces.

Some people hate talking about their failures because they believe it hurts their image. An image of never failing.

Reality is very different. Everyone has failures and personally I’ve learned way more from them than my successes.

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