I got this email a few days ago.

I am stuck unemployed overdebted and have lost my passion.  I have been looking for purpose and passion and still looking.  I require a little push and guidance to get going

I removed his/her name.

I wrote:

I think it is good that you are looking for help.  I know I did when I was down.  And it helped a lot.  And now looking back I notice that I was the most important part.  I finally choose to be who I wanted.  My suggestions are to focus on what you want.  Don’t watch the news at all, get rid of media.  Listen to happy audiobooks every day (someone you really like, like Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, etc.), over and over.  Program yourself for success.  Keep at it.  Make it a habit.  I constantly do this because I don’t want the effects to disappear.

Setup a debt repayment plan and then don’t think about it.  Just let the plan work while you focus on prosperity.

I wrote Prosperity Games out of what I learned to feel passion for my businesses.  I wrote it for me.  I’ve been like this person (except for debt, never did that) and have had no passion.  Everything else is minor but your passion is everything.  With passion you can do anything.  That is why I know that basing your business idea on what you love is required.  Hence the book.

I was depressed and didn’t know what to do with my life.  I started listening to Zig Ziglar, reading business books (most of which are not good) and striving for prosperity.  I started having success when I started to focus on what my passion is and I’ve added on to that ever since.

Find your passion and move forward.