Show me the proof or shut up

The most important thing I learned at a recent seminar was showing proof.

People are tired of talk.  They are tired of sales text with no proof.  Show the proof and you’ll convince them fast.  Don’t show them and you’re lose them faster.

Proof is what really counts.

Right now Twitter marketing programs are extremely hot.  I get a direct message on Twitter every few minutes about one.  But there is no proof it works when it’s an affiliate program and the person sending me the direct message has 100 people following them.  Let me take that back, it’s proof that it doesn’t work.  I can get an account with the first 2000 followers in a couple of days.  100 is nothing.

P.S.  I started to help allevate the spammers selling junk products.  They are ruining Twitter and me and my clients don’t want that to happen because Twitter has been good to us in business.

Or at same seminar I showed my Alexa ranking of this website.  It’s gotten better since them but right now it is #229,850 which is extremely good.  I’d be happy with a bigger number honestly, but I’m very happy where is it right now and would love for it to get better.  I showed proof that I know what I’m doing and I got several clients out of it who are working on getting their Alexa ranking better.  If you would like to do the same call me at 1-512-772-2798.

What proof are you showing?  What elements of your business can you proof that you know what you are talking about?

Show that.