Richard Branson and the Super model

Your story was so inspiring to me. I imagined that I would be shy about saying hi. I wouldn’t want to bother his time with his family, but he and his family enjoyed talking to you. Like minded people like hanging out together.

I want to meet Richard Branson also. So much so I created a website.

After my 20 pace walk of shame, I looked down at the floor in fear of looking at him and spoke: Mr. Branson, My names Toby and when I was 9 years old I wrote to you and you wrote back and I’m so grateful because now I have my own businesses and you really inspired me and I’m sure you get this all the time and I’m really sorry for interrupting again because I know how difficult it is to get away from the office and in this current climate it’s never easy to get away and know you have been busy buying Northern Rock and I understand the difficulties of doing that and” My speech travelling from my thoughts out of my mouth at 1000 miles per hour

I looked him in the eyes

He looked back

Pull up a chair Toby” he said.

Excuse me Sir?” I blurted

Pull up a chair.” He repeated

So I did!

I spent an hour and a half chatting to him and his family – talking about business, getting ideas, being inspired.

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