Remember Albums?

AlbumDo you remember albums? Not the vinyl type. But albums where the musical artist took a sound journey through the entire record.

Yesterday I hooked up the rear surround speakers to my stereo. And wow what a difference. I hadn’t used rear surround speakers since 1999. And I forgot how good I can get my living room hearing.  So, I put some classic albums on my iPod and cranked them through my stereo.

Forty-five minutes of a really good album like Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”. A really great album that blends from one song to another. It’s a listening experience. When it is done I feel that something great was accomplished.

We still had that when CD’s came out but digital downloaded music has almost killed that. Because it’s all about the singles mostly. Radiohead has said they are only going to come out with singles from now on. They have some great albums in the past but no more future albums, just singles.

I continued to purchase new music but not much, I mostly purchased old classic albums because I really thought the quality of the music was better.

Here was my weekend listening list:

  • Mike Oldfield “Shade”
  • Anoushka Shankar “Rise”
  • Jean-Michel Jarre “The Concerts in China”
  • The Beatles “Help!”
  • Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”

I want to listen to Moody Blues “Days Of Future Passed” and Klaus Schulz “La Vie Electronique 1” strictly because of the atmospheric ambiance. They’ll sound awesome.

I also miss record covers. Remember those? With all the artwork that went along with the album. They helped tell the story of what was recorded on the album. I loved record covers. Use to put them up on the wall like art. CDs were not much fun as far as the art was concerned.

I tried Apple iTunes LP when it came out a couple of weeks ago. The promise of artwork for your album you purchased on iTunes. I got the new album by Pearl Jam. I think iTunes LP shows great promise but the Pearl Jam album artwork was done by a comic book artist and I’m just not into comic books so I didn’t like it. But, I look forward to another album to come along with artwork I like.

Oh Marvin Gaye’s album just finished so I”m going to put another album on.

What’s your favorite album for surround sound?