Publicity Record Breakers

A really cool way to get publicity and have fun is to do something never done before.  Richard Branson and his kids are sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in an attempt to break the world record on the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing.

Of course you have to be able to accept failure.  Richard Branson has done many world record attempts and failed.  He’s had some companies fail too.  But, don’t worry he is doing very well.

But whether you fail or succeed you get publicity.  As long as you try honestly and with all your effort people will remember you positively.

Right now Richard Branson’s boat “Virgin Money” has torn sails and they are repairing them.  They may not beat the fastest time.  But, they are trying.  How many people don’t even try.  I admire someone that does something.

So see where you can get some unusual publicity.  Get out there.  I’m planning something unusual.

Richard Branson ~ Business Stripped Bare | Richard Branson’s Official Website & Blog » Virgin Money Atlantic record attempt.