Prosperity Games Party in Wimberley

Vitale Prosperity Games Dinnery PartyNerissa Oden The Video Queen hosted a Prosperity Games Dinner Party last Friday night. Her partner Joe Vitale, Mindy Audlin, Shawn Audlin, Dorothy Carroll, Penny Stone spent the night with my team. Me, Chris Sherrod, my girlfriend Nan Akasha and Bob Deschner along with his partner Dottie Goodsun facilitated this fun evening of one of my favorite prosperity games called Prosperity Scramble.

Bob facilitating Prosperity GamesPeople came up with some really great ideas. I wish I could share with you some of the prosperous ideas that everyone came up with but they need time to implement them and share them themselves with the world.

I can share with you some of the photos and the positive feedback we received.

Joe Playing Prosperity Games

“Wonderful non-judgmental setting for safe brainstorming and masterminding. The group energy is loving and upbeat. A delightful evening of creativity, support and sharing.” – Joe Vitale

“The leading aspect. (Bob & Nancy were great leaders) The brainstorming aspect. The simplicity of the game.” – Nerissa Oden

“I liked having guided feedback. I liked having the creative input from several people.” – Penny Stone

Wimberley Prosperity GamesThe Audlins had to leave early and are mailing their feedback to me, I’ll share them when I get them. Mindy did send me an email earlier today saying “Thanks for the wonderful evening Friday night!”

If you would like to learn how to host your own Play Prosperity Games Dinner Party check out our special report for only $7. I include the very games that we played this night along with worksheets for you and your guests. Throw a party and have a blast.