Play Prosperity Games released

Play Prosperity GamesDo you want to do something that you love and make money at it?

A man in Denver Colorado played one of the games in “Play Prosperity Games” e-book. He played “Prosperity Scramble”, where you match up things you love to get random ideas to create a business idea. From these simple things he loved; “Gorillas” and giving away anonymous gifts” he created a life changing business.

From this…he came up with the idea of “Gorilla Grams”. Have you heard of it? The famous nationwide delivery service? Yes! That’s how he came up with that idea! He gave himself one week and $100 to see if it was a viable idea. He went to the local costume shop and found that a full gorilla outfit was too hot so he went with a nice suit and the head, hands and feet. He then created a quick flyer and got on the local bus. When ever someone would talk to him he would gently grunt and hand them a flyer.

It worked so well because he took action. But more importantly he took action on what he loved. Anything connected to gorillas made him feel happy and giving gifts on behalf of others was a lot of fun to him.

He had more business than he could personally handle by the end of the week. Very quickly he needed to hire help and within two years he retired to Hawaii.

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You can be creative, let Play Prosperity Games bring out your big idea! Go for it.

P.S. Are you ready for massive ideas? I hope so, because these games stimulate so many ideas! If you are the kind of person who is ready to take action and start making money doing what you love, then this is for you! This program is not for people who don’t want to change thier lives. If you are ready for a fun, intelligent way to create new ideas everyday then this program is for you!