Outsourcing is great if…

I had a local marketing expert, essential an competitorcall me. Well, his outsource call center called me.

The call center guy was awful with setting an appointment.I had to repeat three times that I just wanted to do itover the phone. Read a script to me didn’t help.

I finally got an appointment set for a week later. The big guru was going to call me…an half a hour ago. Still no call.

What’s the point of outsourcing getting leads if you don’tactually call them?

What’s the point of getting a website and not using it?

Coming up with ideas and plans are all great. Heck, I wrote a book on how to how to create new business ideas based on what you love.

But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t take action.

The more action you take the more potential money you can make.

Basing your business on your passion helps with getting you to be successful but only if you DO IT.

Go out and do it.