My thoughts of being a Warrior

By 2008-04-14 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

20080414_0329I got back last night from the three day warrior event. I felt pumped up the whole time but as soon as I got home I crashed. It was a full three days.

Here is a photograph off all the speakers. Top notch speakers. I enjoy most all of them and I had a blast.

The first speaker Marc Harty (fifth person in photo) had a polished professional presentation on press releases. His exercise of piggybacking on what is out in the news was a blast. I got American Idol to piggyback with. So I wrote “Do you want to be famous like an American Idol on the web, get these expert web creation videos and become the American Idol that you are.” Like it? Some new important points I learned that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to send out press releases. Have two calls to action per release and do two releases a month with the second one a rewrite of the 1st.

Jeff Dedrick was next. His idea of having a master template to launch a product is brillant. I come up with that a while ago so I felt good about that. He recommends don’t buy anymore stuff until after you finish your current project. So many people get caught up in starting but never finishing. Learn the ordering process by taking screenshots of others like

My buddy Craig Perrine talked next after lunch. I took 15 pages of notes. He talked maybe for the last time on building a list and how to send out emails. He’s moving on to talking about Inspired Marketing which we both think is critical in being successful. Some hightlights of Craig’s talk so to do a mental check on what your list would want to buy from you. People delete email on Monday so don’t email on that day for sure. Use Camtastia video you can redirect after the video to a webpage. That was huge tip. I got so many ideas from Craig. Awesome stuff.

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming was next (first person in photo). He agrees that press releases are the best return on investment. Keep a paid traffic dairy and record changes, nice idea. He also gave out a bunch of websites. The most interesting is which is like Aleka but with more details. I’m going to check out very soon. I didn’t know that doesn’t allow any digital downloads anymore and you must now use ebay classifieds now.

Then we all we out to dinner. Craig, Nan, 20/20 (yes real name, he changed it recently), Barbara, Dave, Julie and a couple of others went to a great Brazilian restaurant nearby. We were introduced to the the “meat experience” Gauchos came by and cut off slices of over 12 different types of meats on to our plates. I had five different types before I could even eat. I had to turn over my “meat acceptance indicator” to red to stop the barage of meat. Don’t worry I turned it to green several times during the night. Never ate so much meat at once. Fun fun. I wrote an article a few days ago before going to this event about networking. The meeting after the meeting is more important than the meeting. Some people went home early and missed out in the most important part of a seminar. Don’t reduce your opportunities by going home early. Network during breaks, lunch, dinners and drinks afterwards. It is so important.

Day 2 started with Keith Baxter. This guy is very advanced. I honestly got lost a couple of times during his presentation. He bit about a presell opt-in page was brillant though. That was one of the most profound things I learned at this entire event. I’m still wrapping my brain around it. It was a hugh revelation to me. The sample he gave is a bit adult oriented but I’ll share some in the future.

Next up was Matt Bacak. He is a big Internet Marketer. He talked about having customer service. I am so happy he brought it up. I see a lot of Internet Marketers who hat customer service so much they don’t have any. They have a “buy but don’t ask any questions” philosophy. Matt has an internal project named “No client left behind”. Good advice. He recommended that people don’t go cheap on hosting their websites. As a founder of a web hosting company I can understand. I myself have had to increase my hosting costs in order to keep the quality good. Don’t go with the cheapest service as it is highly likely to be incredible poor. His A9 process of reusing an article was impressive. And he uses the phone in his sales process. Something that most Internet Marketers never do. This is a business treat it as such.

Marlon Sanders was after Matt. Marlon is a good speaker and funny. He empasized that you can’t do it all yourself. Get help. I see this a lot also. People want to learn how to do their own website, then copy, then all aspects of product creation, etc. You can’t. Get help. He also thinks you should create the backend before the frontend. Great advice. Marlon was very inspiring and had a great stage presence. Fantastic speaker. I felt pumped after him.

After Marlon was Kevin Wilke from Nitro Marketing. I have his system already so didn’t take any notes, if I hadn’t heard of him I would have taken tons of notes. I can tell you that his system is really good. I use it and recommend it to people. Good good stuff. Highly recommended.

Next up was Gauher Chaudhry. He introduced me for the first time to CPA (cost per action). A whole new world to me. Most of his presentation was pretty technical so a little hard to summarize him here. CPA is a big deal and I’m going to be looking into it more.

20080414_0360Brian Koz bought pizza for everyone so had a slice before going to dinner with Kevin Wilke. Kevin took all the Blueprint members (which I am one of) to dinner at a local Mexican place. This is a photograph of inside where you check in. Very tall Big Tex in neon. Fun place. It had a kayak floating in the indoor water feature. We got to all introduce ourselves. We also got an accoutability partner to check in with every week. I’ll check in with you Kathy next. 🙂 Kevin Wilke is interested in having my team come up to Dallas and doing a Prosperity Games at his place. I’ll let you know how that goes. I gave him my card and wrote on the back the date, event name and what to follow up about. That way when he gets home he’ll more easily remember me. After a really good fajita dinner we had some drinks and then went to bed. I got some great networking in which really is just socializing and having fun and being interested in what people are doing. It’s not really work or anything.

Day 3 came a little too early but I got up and running in time. First up was Brian Koz. He talked about Coupon Marketing which I had never heard of. You can get paid to market online coupons. I had no idea. Way cool. Nan and I really like that. Then he talked about his Outsourcing Guide. I’ve outsourced for years but Brian showed me some tips that changed my life. This is one of the most profound things of the entire event for me. I got some great tips which I’ll be implementing right away. Nan and I had a great conversation afterwards. Brian is brilliant.

Jordan Hall talked about how to make money with widgets and community websites. He called it just selling software usually web based applications. All the way from creating the idea to marketing it. Jordan gave me some ideas on some software that I’m going to research.

Mike Young the lawyer was next. I was in hall chatting with some fellow marketers and missed Mike’s talk.

Willie Crayford and Chris SherrodWillie Crayford talked about joint ventures. He points about having a relationship were really nice. People won’t and can’t JV with everyone. Willie knows in a week on the same day there will be 8 launches. He can’t support them all so relationship is very important. He recommends getting photos with gurus. I had my photo taken with a lot of people and have done this is many events. You have to break through the noise.

Here are some photographs of me with my fellow Internet Marketers.

Scott Stamper and Chris Sherrod

Scott Stamper and Chris Sherrod

Brian Koz and Chris Sherrod

Brian Koz and Chris Sherrod

Dingler and Chris Sherrod

Jessica Dingler and Chris Sherrod

Eric Louviere and Chris Sherrod

Eric Louviere and Chris Sherrod

Twenty Twenty and Chris Sherrod

Twenty Twenty and Chris Sherrod

Craig Perrine and Chris Sherrod

Craig Perrine and Chris Sherrod

Jullian Coleman Wheeler

Jullian Coleman Wheeler and Chris Sherrod

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Chris Sherrod and Nan Akasha

Dr. Mike with Chris Sherrod and my love Nan Akasha

I had the best time. On the first day I had David Gonzalez come up to me and ask if I was Chris Sherrod. I said yes and he said that he came to the event because of me. He saw that I posted it on my blog and saw my email about it. I was so touched. I sold my book Prosperity Games to a former Prosperity Games attendee Jessica Dingler. And I have several people that want a website like this one. Kevin Wilke is interested in a Prosperity Games at his place and I had a great time.

Pat O'Bryan, Craig Perrine and Chris SherrodOn the way out I had Nan take a photo of me with Pat O’Bryan and Craig Perrine. Pat told me that he thought my blog posts were bold and I showed myself living the life that I wanted with comprimise. He also thought I was bold when I twittered last week about my sex life. I told him that vacation was a lot of fun in Virginia Beach. I may twitter about that side of life in future you never know. It was good to see Pat and Craig.

Thank you Eric Louviere and Dr. Mike for putting on such a wonderful event and for such a good cause, Autism. It was good to see everyone and I had a wonderful time.