My Juried Photo is in a Photo Show

Phoenix Cityscape by Christopher Sherrod

I have a photo that has passed five judges and is in a real art show on December 11th at 7pm.

I will be there and the photo will be signed by me and available for purchase.

I got a minor in photography at university but never wanted to go into the photography business. My style doesn’t lend to making a lot of money so never wanted to do it full-time. Then earlier this year I started having dreams about having my own photo show at a local art gallery. I have continuously been taking photos for years and my family and friends think I’ve very good. But I wanted an impartial person or group to decide and I wanted to be displayed by the end of the year.  That’s happening.

I saw an opportunity to enter a contest and did. I submitted 5 photos (the max). The jurors picked one. I then got it printed, the largest print I’ve had made of any of my photos. And yesterday I picked it up after it was matted. It looks awesome and I’ve very excited about the show this Saturday.

If you’re in Austin come on down. I would love to see you there.

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