Music To Change Your Mood

I listen to a lot of music. On average 12 hours a day at least. More like 18 hours a day honestly.

I love music because I’ve found that music helps me be more productive, reduces my stress and makes me happy.

When I write I listen to Ambient songs.

When I’m not writing I listen to anything I like.

When I’m wanting to fill inspired and happy about life I listen to Epic Music soundtracks. Epic music is a genre of music that is found in movies. The songs that make you feel for the hero in the movie.

Well, I’m my own hero to my own movie (life). And there are times when I stand on my balcony and play some mighty epic music and feel on top of the world.

My Apple Music Playlists I’ve curated over the years:

Ambient Best and Deep Cuts – put it on shuffle and write

Epic Music Deep Cuts – feel on top of the world