Monetize What You Know

Are you having a hard time finding out what to do in your life?

Do you want to do something you love, but don’t know how to make money at it?

Monetize what you know.  In my previous entry a couple of days ago I talked about your multiple streams of income chart.  You can take this same concept and write down things you love to do on your chart.  Then brainstorm ideas of how you can make money at it.

Think outside the box.  See what other successful companies  do.  Make sure you don’t fall into the E-Myth self employment trap.  Think of a business plan that allows you to take time off.  Where the business can run without you.  Otherwise you are just a slave to your own system.

You may have a hobby that should just stay as a hobby.  Maybe not.  You know best.

Monetize what you know best, based on what you love.

Also grab a copy of my book Play Prosperity Games.  I’ll show you how to come up with ideas based on what you love.