I just got back from Miami Florida.  Or as the locals say Me Am Me.  I had a great time.

I went to my meditation group and learned some more meditations. Many hours meditating in a hotel seminar room can be tiring believe it or not.

I found the trip very mind expanding.  It took meditation and traveling both of which I talk about in my book “Play Prosperity Games“.  I came up with some new ideas while there.  Normally I don’t share these types of ideas because I plan to implement them but this time I had saw an idea that I won’t implement but wish someone would near me.

While visiting South Beach I saw a Salsa Dance studio.  People were on the second floor above a store getting Salsa dance lessons.  My girlfriend and I want to learn how to dance the Salsa so I noticed it right away.

The difference in this studio was one the location.  Right over a major shopping and eating walking street.  And two, it is a mix of a dance studio and nightclub.  Learn and then practice or once you’re good enough just come and have fun after the lessons at the nightclub.

I see this idea spreading to cities as dancing is becoming more and more popular.

I also saw several boxing workout places.

These type of ideas show up in big cities first and you can take them and implement them in your town.  If you love dancing opening a Salsa studio and nightclub would fit perfectly with you.  I talk more about how to find ideas and match them with what you love in “Play Prosperity Games“.

I also got to see the Coral Castle.  A rather lonely man built this castle out of coral many decades ago.  So at a simple level it is pretty cool but this place runs much deeper.  He built in so much symbolism that many people have studied this castle for years.  After our meditation group did an activation around a heart shaped table made of coral in the middle of the castle a tour guide started showing another group the symbolism in the castle.  The tourguide had been studing the castle for over 30 years and he had fascinating facts to show us.

Edward the guy that built the castle was very persistant and with passion and he knew what he wanted.  He built the castle by himself over many years.  He was passionate about it and it shows.

I also see an opportunity at the hotel we stayed at.  We stayed at the same hotel as the meditation group.  That way we could just go down the elevator and go to the meditation room.  The hotel wasn’t the best I’ve been in.  I realize it’s the off season in Miami right now even though the weather was fantastic so how they have an off season I don’t know, it’s better than snow up north.  So it’s the off season and one restaurant is closed, the Internet is turned off, service is very slow or non-existent,  food choices are very limited and the staff doesn’t seem to care.  The hotel is not big and is surrounded by huge condo buildings.

The place looks like it is prime target for a condo conversion or demolish and start again condos or hotel.  I think any place that closes the hot tub at 9pm is crazy and should be replaced with a more modern building with more floors.

Opportunity is everywhere.  Sometimes you have to change tactics when markets change like it has in real estate the last few months.  But opportunity is still there.  In fact in a chaotic market there is more opportunity.   You just have to see it.  “Play Prosperity Games” can help you see the opportunities right in front of you.  The techniques have changed my life.

In the future I’ll be able to blog while on the road even if my hotel has no Internet.  My web hosting company WhoDefinesYou.com has added functionality to their hosted websites to blog from an Apple iPhone from anywhere.  So when I’m at the coast for the month of December I’ll be able to stay in touch and show you the opportunities I see in the world.