Pokemon Dracula

My favorite Pokemon “Dracula”

I got on Pokemon Go the day it launched so I could play it with my kids. They love Pokemon. And it has been very cool to see the most popular game become that in days. I’m currently level 10 and my favorite Pokemon is named Dracula and is almost ready for a showdown in a Pokemon Gym. My kids are loving the game and getting out of their homes more, they are in college and live out of state. So I’m thrilled they are getting out and meeting people. If they had dogs they would be very happy, they have cats who don’t notice when they are gone.

While playing Pokemon Go I started noticing small mom and pop shops start using it as a marketing tool about three days in. The cool hip places with hip owners. Like “Thirsty from Pokemon Go, come in for a cool drink”. Now the national chains are getting in on using Pokemon Go. I saw this sign this morning from Jamba Juice, a nationwide chain.

Pokemon - Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer

Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer

This is in my nearby shopping area with my basic places I goto almost daily, Starbucks this morning. I saw this sign while walking back to my car.

Storefronts that are near Pokestops are using Lures in the game at Pokestops to attract players. Lures can be left at a Pokestop for 30 minutes and they attract Pokemon to the general area which brings players.

For $99.99 worth of Lures you can have Pokemon Go attract potential clients for 84 hours. That’s $1.19 per hour for marketing and a $10 sign.
And with a sign like this you can convert those players to come enjoy something cool and refreshing.