Marketing is everywhere

By 2008-03-27 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

One of my mastermind groups met for two days in the hill country of Central Texas. We went to Maui Wowie a local hip cafe in Wimberely Texas for some drinks and high-speed Internet. We know the owner and said hi. And we also went to Trattoria Lisina a restaurant outside of Driftwood Texas (yeah actual town name). Trattoria Lisina is part of the Mandola Winery so they have a great selection of wines. Billy the wine dude (hey, it’s Texas, otherwise known as the Wine Stewards, etc) recommended a good red which I twittered about at the time.

The cork of the fine wine said “Lui e tutto cappello e niente bestiame” on one side and “Translation found at”. They now even have marketing on wine corks. It struck me as funny, but then I really wanted to know what it translated into, so it worked.

Look for unique places to market on your products and services and ask for your client to participate.

Interested in what the Italian saying is visit and click on the Translate your cork graphic. It’s very funny.