IMG_0390We booked the London Eye from Saturday today. And I got tickets to the rock group Genesis, who I’ve been fans of for a long time. I’m so looking forward to seeing them Sunday night.

We visited the British Museum today. Very nice. Big pieces. Really good museum and I’m not a museum type of guy. But, they had huge pieces. It is really stunning.

Then off for an early supper at Covent Garden. Busy outdoor shopping area. We ate at Chez Gerard and wonderful French place. The Cod and Ratatouille were wonderful. The mango sherbet and Port were fantastic. A truly great meal.

Then we were going to see the Tate Modern but noticed the late time so headed off to see Die Hard 4.0. That is what they named it over here. Most expensive movie I’ve been to. $60 for just two tickets, nothing else. Mind you the Empire Theatre has been open since 1884 so it very historic. It’s the oldest Theatre I’ve been to ever, but we may beat that after we see a couple of plays. We will see.

I’m off to market.

Mind the gap.