I’m in London Baby

IMG_0278-2The flight to London was very nice. The private jet experience by SilverJet was fantastic. Great service. Our hostess Feliz was a delight. Very nice British accent that brought us our drinks and dinner. Her name is unusually as it mean happy in Spanish even though she is British.

We had grilled lamb chops with polenta, broad beans with plum tomatoes. With a Gu chocolate pudding for dessert. Very very good. Best inflight meal I’ve ever had.

Woke up after sleeping on the plane and got to hotel Park Plaza Riverside by 10am. Sleeping overnight on such a flight really helps adjust to the new time zone.

Our hotel has a fantastic view of Parliament, Big Bend and the London Eye.

After strolling by Parliament and Big Bend, we visited Westminster Abbey. Over 3000 people are buried within. It is just full of tributes to people. We saw Sire Isaac Newton’s memorial. Just like I saw it in the movie “Da Vinci Code”. Then we had a rest at St. James’ Park. Prince Charles use to live in the house in the park but moved out in 2002. Lunch was vegetarian lasagna at a traditional pub St. Stephens Tavern across the street from Parliament.

Went back to the Hotel for a much needed nap before hitting Chinatown. We ate at the Fung Shui Inn and had the Sizzling Feast. The Crispy Duck, Crispy Seaweed, Pineapple Fried Rice and Beef with Chile Sauce were the best Chinese food I have ever had. This place is very good.

Then we walked around Picadilly Circus and saw the sights before heading back to the hotel.

Our first day in London was magically.

Picture to come.