Listen to your customers story

By 2008-04-15 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

I’m reading my favorite business blogs this morning.  I’m read this article about doctors and patients and the advice that doctors should listen to their patient (client) to help diagnose issues.  I’ve listened to my clients and over the years I’ve added additional services to help them.  I’m still changing and adding and always listening.

When you listen to your customers story you can provide them with what they truly need and want.  Richard Branson travels with a small notebook (I love moleskines) and writes down any complaints and suggestions.  I do the same.  My book Prosperity Games explains how to use notebooks and keeping your Idea Bank organized.

I can’t imagine the percent for solving a customers needs, of delivering a product or service that best fits THEIR needs, is much different than with those of patient diagnoses. Its the same dynamic with customers: Listen carefully. They will tell you what they need. You just have to pay attention.

businesslife: Listen to your customers story