Life is delicious being in the moment

By 2008-04-28 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Here is my Nan’s account of our fantastic weekend.  Check out the full post by clicking on the link below.

I talk about creating your own reality. I talk about enjoying life, celebrating each day, being in the present moment, appreciating those you love, looking for what you want, relaxing into life, doing less and enjoying morewell I mean it! I am living it! If you aren’t, wow, what you are missing!

This wasn’t just any great weekend because I went luxurious, wonderful places. It wasn’t so amazing, stellar and galactic because I did fun things and spent time with fun people. That is all true. It was out of this world spectacular because of me. Yes, I was the difference!

Life is delicious being in the moment | Create Your Own Reality Now