Learning from the spin king

Here is a good list of marketing advice Scott Pape came up with after meeting Richard Branson. I’m showing the first insight, follow the link for the rest.

Understand these are not the same rules from his ghost-written, self-help puff piece Screw It, Let’s Do It. That’s just sugar-coated Virgin PR material for the masses.

Instead let’s take a look at what has made the “beard with teeth” one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs of our time.

Lesson 1: Leapfrog.

Many people have heard that Branson famously dropped out of school at 16, but few realise he suffers from dyslexia, which inhibits the learning process (this explains why he has been quoted as saying he can’t read financial statements).

In his early years he was just another middle-class floppy-haired Brit competing with people who had smoother sales skills, sharper mathematical ability and bigger bank accounts.

The difference was in his grasp on life, what he believed he could achieve.

At school he launched Student Magazine, and wrote dozens of letters to celebrities appealing for interviews (and networking opportunities).

One of my favourite authors, Robert Ringer, calls this style of operating the leapfrog theory.

Leapfrogging occurs when you make a conscious decision to jump the queue of those who wait patiently in line to claim their prize.

Learning from the spin king | The Courier-Mail