It is time to be Divinely Blessed!

I have a bonus for Lisa Reed’s Divinely Blessed book.

There are certain things in life you can choose to ignore… (after all, choice is your birthright) and then there is certain things that you simply should not ignore.

THIS note is one of the things you should give your  undivided attention to (you will understand why as you read on).

Let me ask you a simple question:

Does it take loosing it all to realize what is most important to you?

The simple answer:


But sometimes that can happen … it is precisely what happened to Lisa Reed.

Today, Lisa Reed’s new book:  “Divinely Blessed:  A Journey of Light” is being released.  Sure, she’s giving away some extraordinary gifts (and gifts are always a wonderful thing) but you need to look past the gifts at the blessing this book could have on your life.
In Divinely Blessed Lisa is sharing her own journey; a journey that is so honest and shocking, you will find yourself completely spellbound and ultimately feeling more peaceful.

At one point in her life, Lisa Reed was a woman who “appeared” to have it all.  One fateful day she was involved in a boating accident that changed her entire world.  The gripping account of her near-death experienced is being shared in her inspiring book “Divinely Blessed”.

Lisa is a recognized Author, Professional Speaker, Ordained Minister and an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach.  She shares her gift of being divinely blessed with people all over the

You can go directly to this link and see more details and find out what others are giving away when you get your copy of Lisa Reed’s book Divinely Blessed.

If you have ever feared death, this book is for you.
If you have ever feared life, this book is for you.
If you have ever lost a loved one, you’ll find peace in this.

In Lisa’s own words:

“I suffered a severe trauma in my life. I chose to write my book Divinely Blessed because I know that trauma can be a catalyst to greater wisdom in your life.”

Get Lisa’s special offer along with a bonus on mine