Home exchange in Virginia

By 2008-04-10 March 28th, 2018 Whole Enchilada

Virginia beach houseI just got back last night from Virginia from an interesting home exchange.

Here is a photography of the mansion from the beach. Six bedrooms, a game room, huge kitchen with double of everything in it, three decks, volleyball court, golfing green, pool, stream room, Jacuzzi indoor tub, and plenty of outdoor fire pits.

It was a nice place but the weather was awful. I got to enjoy one walk on the beach before it turned to frozen windy land. Fortunately I love Jacuzzi and steam rooms so we did our own private hamma several times a day and watched movies on the big screen.

20080406_0272We went to the nearest decent grocery store which was a few miles away called Bloom. Kinda of like Wholefoods. Their slogan is “A different kind of grocery store.” They had some of the funniest signs I’ve ever seen in a store. Here is a photography of the frozen seafood section. They did this for all the sections. New Age drinks was healthy canned drinks. Signs saying “Hey, if this isn’t on your list, it should be.” Breakfast anyone? was the frozen breakfast section. Hot Diggity Dog! was the hot dog section. Oh, Baloney! was the packaged meat section.

20080406_0271They had a good selection of wines. These from South Africa I thought were funny. A giraffe called the tall horse and herding cheetahs, yeah right. But it struck me, their are thousands of wines in this one store. They have to rise above the crowd for us to take notice. These names do just that. So much so I took a photograph and blogged about it. A unique name, slogan or graphic can raise you above the crowd.

Look for way to be seen above the crowd.

I talk about traveling as one of my favorite ways to come up with new ideas in my book Prosperity Games. Travel and write down the ideas you get and bring them back home. And don’t think your house is not good enough to home exchange. The home we stayed in London last year was not even close to being as nice as ours, but it was in London. The Paris apartment we stayed in was nice and big by Paris standards and they didn’t even want to stay in our home, just take care of their cat. And this home exchange in Virginia the house is much bigger and nicer than ours but the home exchangers wanted to see the final four here in San Antonio. If you are able to read this then you probably have a nice enough home to home exchange with. Nan and I are always surprised that people think their home is not good enough. That is a very limiting thought.

20080406_0275After we checked out from the store they have a big sign that said “til next time.” Until next time readers.

I’m off next to Austin. See my previous post and come on by and say hi.