Look Up, Get up, Never Give Up

Back in 1999 I gave up. I was consulting with a company that went out of business in one split second. I was stuck in a foreign country the day before getting paid my monthly fee.  It sucked. Plus it was right before Y2K and no one was hiring for projects. Hell, I couldn’t even move as no one was moving and there were no where to move to.

So I stayed at my Uncle’s place out in the country in Nevada and waited it out. Y2K came out to be a complete joke but I didn’t recover for years.

I barely survived. I barely did anything. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack for six months after. Slowly the stress of realizing I worked with con-men went away. I slowly was able to think straight. But I didn’t know what to do. I was bored. Nothing sounded like fun. And I wanted some fun.

I didn’t recover until I started focusing on what I really want to do. What I find fun.

When looking back I realized I never gave up, it just took me a very long time to find out what I found fun. Now I

The last year has been fantastic. I’ve helped quite a few people reach for the stars.

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